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Transformation to Health Home Care Management: The Critical Role of Supervisors

   5-16-12 Power Point Slides
Managing Complex Change within Health Homes 


























Managing Complex Change

Change Management Checklist: Use a Change Management Checklist to Guide Your Efforts in Managing Change

By Susan M. Heathfield, Guide

Communication in Change Management: Communication Is Key in Change Management

By Susan M. Heathfield, Guide

How to Change Your Culture: Organizational Culture Change: You Can Transform Your Culture With Conscious Steps

By Susan M. Heathfield, Guide

The Four Stages of a Change Curve

Soft Skills for Success - Vancouver, BC - Sandy Chernoff

Eight key skills for effective change management for line managers

How Good Are Your Change Management Skills? - Change Management Training from

Stages of Change Management - What Phases Do You Have to Go Through to Institute Change?

Change management principles, process, tips and change theory and models

Change management principles, process, tips and change theory and models

How to Improve Your Change Management Skills: 11 steps – wikiHow

Creating a Change Management Plan: Info to Help You Build, Implement, and Maintain a Successful Plan

Implementing Change Management Methodology to Help Staff Embrace Change

New Territory for Case Management:  Understanding Your Role as a Health Home Care Manager   

Recorded Webinars

June 22 Webinar

6-22-12 Power Point Slides


Critical Time Intervention

The Care Transitions Program

Inter-Professional Education Collaborative Expert Panel, 2011

July 26, 2012: Relationship Between Behavioral and Physical Health Conditions

July 26 Webinar

7-26-12 Power Point Slides 


NYS DOH- HH Provider Qualification Standards

NYS DOH HH Quality Measures

Assessing the Health Needs of an Individual

Assessing the Health Needs of the Individual

Physical and Psychological Effects of Substance Use

Online Learning (FIT Modules)

Tobacco Dependence Intervention Manual for Nurses (Sharp et al.2009)

Article: Varenicline Should be Used as a First-Line Treatment to Help Smokers With Mental Illness Quit, Jill M. Williams, MD


Personalized Quit Plan- US DHHS

Diabetes Prevention Program

Improving Medication Adherence: How to talk with Patients About Their Medications- Shawn Christopher Shea

Caregiving Support and Help

Adult Preventive Care Guidelines

Suggested Physical and Laboratory Assessments for Patients With Schizophrenia


Screening Tools:

The Fast Alcohol Screening Test



August 28, 2012:  Effective Outreach, Engagement and Partnerships

August 28 Webinar

8-28-12 Power Point

Core Values
Guiding Principles


Outreach Strategies Training

SAMHSA Homeless “Street Outreach” Videos

Sanctuary Model

Illinois Statewide Presentation: The Role of Peer Support in the New Mental Health Services

SAMHSA’s Shared Decision Making Website

Shared Decision Making in Mental Health: Practice, Research and Future Directions

September 27, 2012  Recognizing and Facilitating Health Behavior Change

September 27 Webinar

9-27-12 Power Point



Self Determination Theory Website

SAMHSA Stage Wise Treatment Website

Integrated Dual Diagnosis Treatment Stagewise Treatment Interventions and Activities

Integrated Dual Diagnosis

Motivational Interviewing Website

Core Values Cards 

valuesbehavioralsort (This version is most useful with persons whose abstract thinking is impaired or has not reached maturity.
For example, individuals 25 yrs old and under, persons with early dementia, persons who have an active substance use
disorder, persons with psychosis and persons with some cognitive impairment).


Motivate Healthy Habits: Stepping Stones to Lasting Change, Dr. Rick Botelho, 2000

Building Motivational Interviewing Skills: A Practitioner Workbook, David Rosengren, 2009


October 24, 2012: eTools for Health Homes

October 24 Webinar

10-24-12 Power Point Slides


January 8, 2013:  Developing Single Integrated Care Plan

January 8 Webinar

1-8-13 Power Point Slides


February 14, 2013: Supporting Individual Choice    

February 14 Webinar

2-14-13 Power Point Slides

Managing Risk in Community Integration

John O'Brien


March 14, 2013:  Awareness of Best Practice Approaches

March 14 Webinar

3-14-13 Power Point Slides



Evidence Based Practice

Examples of EBP: SAMHSA Toolkits

Best Practice

Family Psycho-education Video (SAMHSA)

SAMHSA IDDT Tool Kit Occurring-Disorders-Evidence-Based-Practices-EBP-KIT/SMA08- 4367

SAMHSA Video Co-occurring Disorders

Center for Practice Innovations Focus on Integrated Treatment mentFIT/tabid/186/Default.aspx


April 22, 2013:  Preventing Inpatient Admissions:  Promoting Cross System Integration and Coordination of Care

April 22 Webinar

4-22-13 Power Point Slides

12 Hallmarks Poster

June 26, 2013:  eTools for Health Homes: Overview of NYS DOH Office of the Health and Information Technology Transformation Programs

June 26 Webinar

eTools Power Point Slides


10:00 AM-11:30 AM

Target Audience:  Agency Directors, Supervisors and Program Managers, IT Managers/CIO

This session will focus on a review of the programs available from the NYS DOH Office of the Health and Information Technology Transformation (OHITT) for Health Homes (HH) and HH partner agencies. The session will review the HEAL 22 and Medicaid EHR Incentive Programs available to agencies for funding technical assistance services for implementing a Behavioral Health EHR system and interoperability between systems.   It will review current systems that OHITT has certified for use within the Health Home environment.   It will also provide insight to clinical workflow design requirements necessary to address the interoperability goals of OHITT and the security rules for Meaningful Use.