Q & A

Specific Questions Related to the New York State Care Management Training Initiative

Q- Who is the training targeted for?
A- The NYS Care Management Training Initiative is targeted for current adult ICM, SCM and MATs supervisors and/or direct care staff, outside of NYC, who will be transitioning their roles and responsibilities to health home care management. There are 200 slots allocated for Long Island and 700 slots allocated for the rest of NYS other than NYC. Unfortunately, we were not awarded the training grant for NYC.

Q- I have been told that this training is just for adult TCM's. Is this correct? In addition, will there be a
parallel training for Children TCMs?

A- This training series is only for people who are working with adults. At this time there is not a grant
available to provide training for Childrens TCMs but we will be alert to future possibilities.

Q- How do we register for the training?
A- Supervisors from LI need to contact Andrea Hopkins at Andrea.Hopkins@clubhouseofsuffolk.org and individuals from the rest of NYS, outside of NYC, need to begin the registration process at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NYSCMTI . Participants will be assigned an ID number and will be categorized as either a:
a. Full Participant: Will need to complete the pre-assessment survey online at www.healthhometraining.com , view live webinars, access all materials on training website, and participate in face-to-face workshops. Commitment to the entire training series is required- attendance is tracked - this is how continued funding is assured.
b. Alternate Participant: Will need to complete the pre-assessment survey online at www.healthhometraining.com and will be able to access materials on training website, can view recorded webinars. Will be placed on an alternate list for face-to-face workshops.

Q- So far I just gave the # of trainees. Should I register each person myself?
A- At this point you MUST register each of your trainees individually by name. If you have not registered staff. For LI trainees, please email Andrea.Hopkins@clubhouseofsufflolk.org. For trainees outside of NYC, please email caremgttraining@nyaprs.org immediately.

Q- If we have new staff that we hire throughout the 18 month time period can we register them for training?
A- If new staff join your program you can register them as alternates and have them view the webinars on the web site. If training slots open up because of drop out, there is always a chance that your alternates may get a chance to participate as full trainees.

Q- When will individuals find out their registration status?

A- Prior to June 1, all registrants will be informed of their registration status, categorization of full vs. alternate status as well as their ID number which will be required for all webinars and face-to-face training workshops. Full participants will be sent information about each webinar and face-to-face training directly after June 1.

Q- Do supervisors get to decide which staff will be full or alternate participants?
A- If we are overprescribed within a given region we will contact you and ask you to select your trainees and alternates from the original list you submitted.

Q- What will the training consist of?
A- The training consists of access to online materials, access to nine webinars, and 2 face to face training workshops between June, 2012 thru June, 2013. All of the webinar topics can be found online at www.healthhometraining.com. Supervisors and staff are encouraged to use the materials for ongoing dialogue and learning within their own communities.


Q- When are training participants expected to complete the pre-assessment survey on line?
A- All NYS Care Management Training Participants are asked to complete the online pre-assessment survey no later than July 13, 2012. The online survey can be found at www.healthhometraining.com

Q- Will there be training on Motivational interviewing as it relates to physical health changes?
A- Motivational Interviewing will be covered in one of our webinars.

Q- Will there be training for health home care managers in regards to increasing knowledge about medical conditions in order to effectively address physical health issues?
A- Each webinar will address physical health in order for Health Home Care Managers to effectively communicate needed information across an individual’s care team. While Health Home Care Managers are not expected to be physical health providers, webinar #2 titled: “Relationship between Behavioral and Physical Health Conditions: What Health Home Care Managers Need to Know” will address specific medical conditions.

Q- Can full participants watch the webinars together?
A- It is preferable that each participant log on to each of the webinars from their own computer, however, if this is not possible, multiple attendees can register together and watch the webinar together. PLEASE ENTER EACH USER ID IN THE WEBINAR REGISTRATION as this is how attendance is tracked and how funding is tied!

Q- Is there a way that full participants can all sit in the same room and use one overhead projector and
all get attendance credit?

A-Every trainee must sign in him/herself with his/her specific user ID. This is the only way we can get credit and therefore access our funding for this grant.

Q- Can Staff get credit for attending Webinars if they view them on-line rather than participating live?
A-If assigned trainees miss a webinar they can take a make-up and get credit by watching it on our website.

Q-Do supervisors get to do webinars and face to face trainings along with care managers?
A-If you directly supervise care coordinators; you are eligible to enroll in the training.

Q- Where would we find information on any degree requirements or formal education requirements for staff going through the training?
A-There are no degree requirements or formal education requirements for staff going through this training.

Q- Will there be a PowerPoint of the supervisors webinar available?
A. The supervisors webinar is now posted on the website www.healthhometraining.com . Click on the training resources tab and then on May 16th webinar.

Q- When and where will the face to face trainings occur?
A-Face to face trainings will be day long and will be limited to approximately 30 trainees at each session. There will be numerous sessions within each of your areas.


Health Home Specific Questions

To stay informed regarding elements of the health home initiative, please visit the NYS DOH website at: 

- When will DOH announce Phase III awards?
A - Information regarding Phase I, II and III awards/ implementation can be found on the NYS Department of Health website at: http://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/program/medicaid_health_homes/phase-in_plan_for_hh_apps.htm

Q -
What is the oversight structure of health homes?
A - New York State Department of Health and and Managed Care Plans will closely monitor the quality of the health homes.

Q -
How will care coordinators be paid? Who pays for their services?
A - Payment processes and rates will be determined by each health home. Information regarding Health Home reimbursement can be found at http://health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/program/medicaid_health_homes/rate_information.htm.

Q -
What will be the role of SPOA in relation to health homes?
A - SPOAs will continue to play a role in assigning individuals to TCM programs. NYS is discussing the role of the SPOAs in assigning enrollees to TCM converted HHs and will announce that process once it is developed. More information can be found at: http://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/program/medicaid_health_homes/questions_and_answers.htm#targ_case_mgmt

Q -
What will be the employment requirements of health home care managers?
A - It will be up to each Health Home to determine the qualifications of its care managers.

Q -
What will be the caseload size of health home care managers?
A - Caseload size will be determined based on each health home/individual provider organization.

Q -
What will happen if a current consumer of case management services does not want to sign a health home release of information to exchange information between providers- can the individual continue with case management or will they be discharged?
A - Members are enrolled upon assignment, but Health Homes must decide when the member is receiving Health Home services and active care management. Health Homes must decide if and how they can deliver quality Health Home services and care coordination without a member's consent to share information, and for how long without their consent. More information can be found at: http://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/program/medicaid_health_homes/questions_and_answers.htm#targ_case_mgmt

Q -
How will a health home participant’s confidentiality be maintained when data is shared between various agencies?
A - Information about  Health Information Technology can be found at http://www.health.ny.gov/technology/ or visit the NYeC at http://www.nyehealth.org.

Q - What is the role of dental health in relation to physical health? What will be the role of dental providers within health homes?
A - This is a question best posed to the NYS DOH primary care mailbox where staff can/will answer your question in full.  Send your questions to: oralhealth@health.state.ny.us   and/or visit the following link for much more regarding public health, dental health and the overlay between new initiatives and dental health information: http://www.health.ny.gov/prevention/prevention_agenda/healthy_mothers/dental_health.htm 

Q - How will physical health, behavioral health, and social service providers get informed about the new roles and responsibilities of a health home care manager? What will be their incentive to be a cooperative partner?
A - One way to stay informed and up-to-date regarding elements of the Health Homes Initiative is to regularly visit the NYS DOH website:  http://www.health.ny.gov/health_care/medicaid/program/medicaid_health_homes/

You can also stay abreast of the changing health/social services/behavioral health environment by contacting and staying in touch with various membership associations that are providing education, training and resources to their members and the field on this Initiative.  Go to:   www.nyscouncil.org  and  www.nyaprs.org  for updates.

Q - What will happen to ACT teams in relation to health homes?
A - There is currently no discussion about changes to ACT teams relative to health Home implementation. At this point they would still be included in the HH’s network of services and would be reimbursed as they currently are.


Q- How is a health home participant’s success monitored? Who determines this success and how?
A - An individual’s success will be determined by NYS DOH.  Outcome metrics to monitor whether Health Homes are meeting their contracted outcomes have been developed.  Additional measures to monitor quality of life will be forthcoming.