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Information regarding Health Homes

SAMHSA Behavioral Health Homes for People with Mental Health & Substance Use Conditions:  The Core Clinical Features

NYS Department of Health Website: Medicaid Health Homes

New York State Medicaid Update; Special Edition, April, 2012. Volume 28, No. 4, Introducing Health Homes

Targeted Case Management (TCM) to Health Homes (HHs) Information

Transition from Managed Addiction Treatment Services (MATS) to Health Home Care Management

Draft COBRA HIV/AIDS and OMH TCM Guiding Principles for Health Home (August 22, 2011)

NYS Health Home Implementation Documents

NYS Health Home Provider Qualification Standards For Chronic Medical and Behavioral Health Patient Populations

Recovery Oriented Services

SAMHSA’s Recovery Oriented Systems of Care

Recovery Oriented Systems of Care Resource Guide

Recovery Oriented Practice:

National Council for Community Behavioral Health Care- Achieved Webinars:


Person-Centered Resources

Core Values of Person Centeredness  Poster

Hallmarks of Person Centeredness  Poster

Guiding Principles of Person-Centered, Recovery-Oriented Services  Poster


Comprehensive and Integrated Care

Morbidity and Mortality in People with Serious Mental Illness Report (NASMHPD), 2006

Institute of Medicine Report: Crossing the Quality Chasm, 2006

Culturally Competent Physical Health Care for People with Serious Mental Illness, 2010

Behavioral Health/Primary Care Integration and the Person-Centered Healthcare Home, 2009

Designing a Person-Centered Healthcare Home for the Population with Serious Mental Illnesses, 2009

Affordable Care Act Resources

Integrating Care for People with Co-Occurring Alcohol and Other Drug, Medical and Mental Health Conditions, 2011

Institute for Research, Education and Training in Addiction- Archived Webinars


Health Related

Institute of Medicine: Leading Health Indicators for Health People 2020

Boston University Center for Psychiatric Rehabilitation: Food Education for People with Serious Psychiatric Disabilities- An Evidence-Based Recovery Curriculum

Center for Disease Control and Prevention: Physical Activity Guidelines Website

National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine Website

Association of Clinicians for the Underserved Website- Diabetes Education Resources